Emanuela is the creative force behind  Face Furniture  Eyewear 
and the second of five siblings born to the De Dona family in a town called Cadore in Northern Italy. Cadore is infamous for eyewear designers and creators and the first eyewear factory was established in 1878. The De Dona family became involved in eyewear in 1971 and Emanuela brought her own style and ideas to the craft always collecting ideas and colours to send to her brother Andrea who brings creative eyewear ideas to life!
Emanuela followed her dreams to Australia in 2004 and worked as an agent for renown Australian eyewear designers such as Jonathan Sceats. This gave her the opportunity to really understand the Australian  market for eyewear and she realised there was a massive gap in eyewear demanded by the consumer and the eyewear available by the supplier. The idea of Face Furniture was born in 2013  when she visited Danks Street  Waterloo with her friends and she realised THAT is where Face Furniture Eyewear should live.
In 2014 she successfully completed the course of Profession Stylist in the areas of Photo , Film, TV and Personal  Fashion Styling in Australia.
   “ Life isn’t perfect but your eyewear can be "