Eyewear Styling Consultation

How often do you change your Face Furniture?

How do you want to see yourself?

How do you want to be seen?

It's time to feel good in your " glasses " 

Emanuela takes tailored approach in creating a new refresh look for her clients 

Colour Analysis ( Armocromia ) is a big part of the Eyewear Image Consultation, wearing the right colour will make you look younger, healthier, refresh and happier.

Wearing the right colour and shape is important to you if: 

You feel that nothing really looks good on you anymore 

You starting a new carrier, business or relationship '

You want to discover yourself and which colours and shapes set your soul on fire 

You want to be taken more seriously in a professional setting 

You want to increase your sales in business 

You want to balance your masculine and feminine

You want to increase your connections in life 

You want to have a wardrobe where everything works beautifully together 

You want to same money and time when you shopping 


You just want to feel and look healthier, happier and younger every day of your life 

The first thing you notice when you step into Face Furniture & Other Things is array of colour just like a candy store and the countless number of shapes funky, wacky, fun and conservative too.

The diversity and exclusive selection of optical frames and sunglasses is unique.

The premium quality of the products comes from craftmanship of experts from Italy where they are directly hand picked each and every one with great care and passion by Emanuela 

The selection of Vintage Eyewear dating back from 1950's have been lovingly restored to their full glory and also.......Your tired pair of preloved eyewear can be restored to pristine condition.

I invite you to experience an entirely new approach to Eyewear 

BYO prescription 

Call Emanuela 0424390797  to book your Eyewear Image Consultation or fill in the form below 

Love and Beautiful Frames