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Think of it this way:

You are not your conflicts

Each of us is the continuation of our respective mothers and fathers, of our respective family lineage, and all that has occurred by and to our ancestors. Many of our internal conflicts were handed to us in the form of unconscious beliefs.

Family Costellations reveal hidden dynamics in a family system or relationships so that conflicts can be acknowledged truthfully and healed. These dynamics typically span multiple generations.

Family Costellations not only offer a path to emotional and psychological healing but they also provide a lens into the Soul agreements that are made with parents, siblings, and ancestors.

Our movement , the direction of our life, the partners and careers we choose, even the illness and disease that occur in our lives are determined by this powerful field that influences us at the deepest levels of our unconscious being. If we want to truly understand ourselves, it is important to understand and observe the influence of the Family Energy Field.

Family Entanglements

Entanglements stem from attitudes, behaviours, feelings, experiences, fates that belong to others we call them “ invisible loyalties “

When we seek to discover why certain patterns have not changed in our lives, reasons often lie in an entanglement from our Family of Origin.

Eg If you having difficulty in a current relationship may find that there is something unresolved from either a past relationship or even between your/his/her parent’s relationship.

Entanglements are revealed through the Family Costellation Session and they show us where the love and loyalties to our families lie.

Think of a Costellation as opening a window all allowing the energies of reconciliation, peace, clarity,and love to flow abundantly into our lives.

Pass down your wisdom not your wounds 

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